Jan 202005

After almost 8 hours after he read my message I got this reply. I’m sure this is after much talking with legal and who knows who else. This smacks of buck passing to me. 🙁 Plus he managed to say nothing. Research my butt, my problem is with them not WHI.


Thanks for the message. We did modify certain features of our prescription drug program for 2005. I’ve asked Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, our head of Benefits, to research your issue with Walgreens and get back to you ASAP.


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  1. I work for a fairly large medical group (180 doctors and growing!) so I see both sides of the issue. We have to work within the insurance companies guidelines or we don’t get paid which means my paycheck suffers. As a patient with MS I live from day to day praying that the insurance will continue to pay for my medicine and all the other medical bills that go along with having this disease. The problem is that there are too many ‘business men’ running the medical field. They are hired to make the company a profit – not see to it that patients get the best care. The medical field and insurance are like a bad marriage – you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them! I hope your problem is resolved to your best interest. By the way, I posted my first comment to you as anonymous (I’m the one who goes to work when she feels like she’s been hit by a train and others call in sick with a headache!)I’ve never responded to a blog site before & I was a little leery, but I have really enjoyed reading your comments. Hang in there!

  2. Expect black helecopters any time now.

  3. BOOOOO. Thats it? Any response now that the weekend is here? Or are they going to let you sit?

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