Jan 032005

Glyconutrients must have more than a following than I had originally thought, because my glyconutrient posts (1, 2, 3) take at least a couple of hits a day. Disappointing, I wish MS’ers would know better than that. Maybe I need to sell a “magical” sugar pill that will cure MS to help pay for all of my medical bills; no doubt there are people that would buy it. 🙁

On the same vein as the glyconutrient quack cure, another person died trying to cure their Multiple Sclerosis by having hydrogen peroxide injected into them. What makes people so desperate? 🙁 Regardless, massive internal hemorrhaging is not how I would like to go. Here is the article on that: ‘Oxidation’ Practice Comes Under Fire. I’ve seen what hydrogen peroxide does on a small cut with very little peroxide; I can’t imagine that happening internally! 🙁

  2 Responses to “My Glyconutrient Posts”

  1. Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine injection peroxide. Or how painful a death that must have been. 🙁

  2. Holy smokes, this bloke might as well have injected draino for all it was worth. How in the world do people rationalize that the path being taken is the best thing to do!

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