Jan 202005

and cured my Multiple Sclerosis at the same time! 😉

I’d like to say that isn’t in their product literature, but it probably is – especially with a name like that. What I can’t decide is does the Ambrotose do something to your brain that makes you a “little” freaked out; or, is Ambrotose a maelstrom sucking in those who are already a “little” freaked out. Regardless, the partakers of that medicine are passionate, and remain convinced, it is curing their Multiple Sclerosis. In response to this anonymous post and the comment “Within ONE WEEK of taking the ambrotose I knew things were changing;” I’m sure he is right – his wallet got MUCH lighter. -and then with the extra weight/strain off of his spine he is now better able to walk.

I’m still waiting on the 3rd party review of these “glyconutrients” in a scholarly journal, but something makes me think I’ll see a scholarly review of Alex Chiu’s Eternal Life Rings long before that. 😉 Furthermore, I am sure that the National MS Society is intentionally keeping Mannatech’s product quiet, because they know it works!

As to being an ***hole I really would have a hard time defending me being otherwise. But, I bet if I took Mannatech’s Ambrotose that would cure me of being one! (though, the rectal benefits are probably an off-label use – I’m sure it has to be taken as a suppository to be most effective) 😉

Personally, I think the guy is astroturfing. Why, if he is using the product, and happy with it, would he do a search that would yield my page? He’s probably mad because I am far too high on the search engine results. I guess I get the last laugh! 😉

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  1. Of course you get the last laugh Eric, you’ll be laughing all the way into a wheelchair won’t you mate? Still bitching about something you know nothing about. Why don’t you try doing some research or better still open your mind a little and try it. I don’t know where you get this idea that you have to mortgage your house to pay for it. It’s not that expensive! Anyway I’m off to the pub tonight, I’ll be walking there normally and enjoying a few beers while you’ll no doubt be updating your poisonous little postings with more comments on something you know dick-all about. You’re right about one thing though, I am annoyed that your uninformed rant has such a high ranking in google. I just hope it doesn’t put anyone off from trying something that has helped so many people with MS myself included.

  2. freaked out?
    Quod erat demonstrandumSorry, I’m spending all my $ on a clinically proven & peer reviewed medicine. I wish you all the best, but what the heck is up with getting the panties in a wad. Plus, why do you care if I think Ambrotose is garbage and made by quacks?

  3. Anon,

    I am sure you have a real name, don’t ya mate?

    First off, I am sorry you have MS. You sound like a real jerk, but even jerks, like you, don’t deserve this disease.

    Second, you have had the disease for all of a year. That does not give you much perspective when looking back on your disease course. I am sure Mannatech is being held down by every scientist in every country who looks at things like bee venom rather than this miracle cure you have going. The whole MS community is out to make sure that you have nothing but expensive, painful therapies. Maybe MS is a government conspiracy??

    I am not saying you have to have a MS diagnosis for a day to have an opinion, but come on bloke, you have been on this drug for a few months, and you are walking again? Could it be, humor me, that perhaps your exacerbation has just run it’s course? (In 9 or 10 months time.) I am assuming you have Relapsing Remitting type MS. OF COURSE, the Ambrotose was working almost right away. I hate to say it mate, they have a condition called placebo effect. Just a thought, look it up.

    Third, by continuing to post to Erik’s Mannatech posts, you are simply going to raise the ratings in google. I find some real irony in that, and I must say I get a laugh at your expense. Perhaps you should have a few less pints, eh?

    I wish you the best I really do. Your not the first person who is written who is not a fan, and I doubt you will be the last. But I must say, although I try to always be as nice as possible, if you said the remark about the wheelchair to my husband in person, you would find out what it was like to have you ass (yes that is the correct spelling) kicked by a girl.

    Brandy (my real name, bloke.)

  4. Erik honey,

    You should say knickers in a bunch. He might understand that better.


  5. I think you’ll find arse is the correct spelling in English…

    As for looking stuff up, good idea! That’s my point why don’t you both just go and try that instead of carrying on about something you know nothing about. At least I have the benefit of having tried the product, what are you basing your comments on? Oh yeah I remember now – Erik’s thoughts – brilliant science, well done!

    I don’t mind if it ranks higher in the search pages either at least we’ll have a bit of balance in the comments now won’t we? There’s me that’s tried it and reckons it works and Erik that hasn’t and thinks that it doesn’t. I’ll leave people to make up their own minds on that one.

    PS. ‘Knickers in a twist’ is the correct expression (just so you know)

  6. Anon,

    There is one thing you can do if you really want to help your case. Seriously. Post at least one scholarly study on the product. (Not any of their market speak or any “study” they conducted. That obviously would not be a trusted study since there is a vested interest in findings coming out a certain way.) I can find scholarly studies of bee venom, cannabis, and various other alternative therapies. If this is truly a help, why is there nothing out there. (Yes, I have looked, if only at the internet. I included Google Scholar in that search though.) I can admit that I have not gone to great lengths. But when the National MS Society, as well as other organizations that give out research money are not looking into this, it looks a lot like snake oil. (There was recently a birth month study, showing which birth months are more likely to have MS.) So, prove your point. The ball is in your court. Quit asking us to prove ours. We have said ad nausea what we think. (Which is okay, since it is after all Erik’s blog, and it is not meant to be the gospel, but rather his opinion and experience.)

    I must say, you made me laugh with the knickers in a twist remark. You are probably not a bad guy, and you seem under all your gruffness to genuinely think that this product is helping you. Great!

    Now back it up with some science if you really want us to open our minds to the product. You would educate us both, as well as other readers if you could.

    Take care mate, and try to get some sleep. It’s 4am in England right now, and you just made it in from the pup, if my counting is correct. Don’t you know that taking care of yourself is important when you have MS. 🙂

    Nothing but the best to you man, seriously. Just back up what you say.


    P.S. Sorry about the whole ass/arse thing. You can spell profanity just fine.

  7. Hi Erik

    I had CFS ( Chronic Fitigue Syndrome ) for tha past 15 years. Through all that time I went from MD’s to homeopaths etc etc.

    A good friend reccomended Mannatech’s Ambrotose and supplements and said that I have a 180 day money back guarantee. If the product don’t work I get my money refunded by Mannatech.

    I had nothing to lose so I tried the product. I used 6 tablespoons of Ambrotose powder per day. After 3 months I was a new person and my CFS was gone, and I until today has never had any of the CFS symptoms ever again. To me it’s worth every cent i spent. It transformed my life from mysery to happiness.

    You have nothing to lose, except maybe your MS. Try it. The proof is in the pudding. You might just get your life back.

    I also reccommended the product to a friend of mine with MS. He says it works.

    Just try it. What if it works?

    Have a great day!


  8. I have been taking Gyconutrients for 8 years and my MS is doing wonderful. I do take 3 tablespoons a day and have to say…….I am leading a pretty normal life having been diagnosed 10 years ago and figuring that I have had it for almost 20 years.

    The proof is in the pudding. Put it this way….if I did not take it, I would be in a wheelchair right now…..I would rather make the amazing investment and give back what it has given me, my life.!!

    Thank Eric

  9. Dear Eric 🙂 ….

    So I took a change and typed in MS and Mannatech in Google and VOLA … u can find just about ANYTHING on Google – even the most uninformed people thinking they have an opinion … I mean just look at ur post.

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in it’s most severe form 8 years ago and told by one of THE BEST RA specialist to prepare myself for a life in a wheelchair within one year …. and the sooner I made peace with that the better for everyone involved. I was then introduced to Mannatech’s Ambrotose and started using it out of pure desperation, coz u see dump wit unlike U that only had a bad case of verbal diarrhea … I had an actual life threatening disease that was stealing me away from my 2 boys aged 9 and 11.

    Today 8 YEARS later I’m the most active 43 year old that RUNS 10km per day and cycle up to 50km once a month.

    This was the BEST purchase I’ve ever made and I will NEVER stop using this amazing product. It is not DISEASE related but heals the body, so Eric how about u try it for that potty mouth of ur’s …

    To those reading this and wondering – how can something that doesn’t work and cost “the world” still produce positive comments 8 YEARS later ….. doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out does it.

    Wonder where Eric is in the world now …..

    • I am glad you are doing well.

      One question. Almost everyone that I have met who uses glyconutrients becomes condescending and belittling to those who disagree. Were you like that before taking glyconutrients or is that a side effect?

  10. Good Morning Eric 🙂

    Thank you very much for the wishes and yes I’m doing very well, and thank you even more for responding – really appreciate that.

    As for me being condescending and belittling, I think I have the perfect opportunity to say to you … Yes but YOU started it first, but that will not befitting for my ripe age of 43 so I’m gonna leave it at that.

    Eric you’ve had 8 years now and maybe you should read your initial blog again and tell me just how condescending and belittling you were?

    And YES I guess I do get very aggressive and sarcastic the second I read a blog like your’s. Have you EVER thought about the number of people you might have put off this product just coz YOU felt YOU had something to say …. and that about a product you didn’t even TRY??

    I could have been one of those people 8 years ago coz you wrote this the same year I started with Ambrotose – so if I was uninformed enough I could’ve read your blog and decided … that’s IT … not going that route and your uninformed opinion would’ve robbed me of 8 years of health. You DO get people that can not go to the LOO twice in a row without consulting GOOGLE and reading what other people have to say. I therefore kinda see you as part of the problem and not the solution.

    Eric the bottom line is … this is on the internet the second anyone desperate for help with a debilitating decease need that one small straw of HOPE that they can cling to once modern medicine fails them – you HONESTLY wanne be the man that still after 8 years have a blog on the internet that shot something down that might just give them a better quality of life??

    Come on … no one wants to be that person.

    Amelda (and YES that is my real name … 🙂 … and I’m not HALF the cow you think I am 😉 I’m actually very pleasant once you can get past the fact that I consume AMBROTOSE)

  11. Des wrote: “I had nothing to lose so I tried the product. I used 6 tablespoons of Ambrotose powder per day.”

    That must have been very expensive, Des?! How much per month were you spending on Ambrotose then?

    How much Ambrotose do you take now? What was your treatment protocol? I suffer from Fibromyalgia.

    Thanks, Ian

  12. Amelda, could you please tell me how much ambrotose you take a day?
    Regards bienie

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