Jan 202005

Effective immediately I have locked my posts on Glyconutrients, Mannatech, and Ambrotose so that no new comments may be added. The most recent commentator has pushed me over the edge, but I have a number of reasons:

  • These always seems to be comments from people who are not regular visitors to the site, and tend to never come back.
  • They always cite their personal experience, rather than scientific evidence, to support their claim.
  • They, on occasion, can get ugly – and frankly I would rather be put down by my “regulars” on regular MS posts.
  • They have yet to address any of my concerns, or objections, to the glyconutrients, Mannatech, or Ambrotose. Especially with the last poster who just continues with flame drivel.
  • Too much astroturfing.

If you have something serious to say on the topic send me an email and we can discuss. Otherwise, take your glyconutrient religion elsewhere.

Addition 10:46pm:

My wife was displeased with my choice to disable comments for two reasons. The big one being she wanted MDMHVonPA to make some witty comment – don’t we all. 😉 The other was to see if anonymous would reply to her with something substantive. I think the liklihood of that is approaching zero, but he can always send me an email. If anonymity is a concern then he can use one of the many free tools available for anonymous email (ie Mixmaster).

As much fun as the Glyconutrient posts have been it is time to move on. 😉

  2 Responses to “Glyconutrients/Mannatech/Ambrotose”

  1. Hi Erik, this is Jodi (jodinjc@yahoo.com) and I am a grateful Mannatech consumer, an overian stage 3C survivor thanks to glyconutrients.

    I am here with my friend Terry who has MS and would like testimony from someone who benifited from Ambrotose and any protocal that you used…

    pls email me and cc Terry any coorespondance, he is receptive to alternative / supplementation to his current treatments. thank you, Jodi

    PS pls it’s not necessary to post this comment as it is more a pm than a comment

  2. First I am glad that you are doing well, and are a survivor of ovarian cancer. That is a nasty beast.

    It has been a while since I have gotten a Mannatech/Ambratose comment (hence the lift on the comment bans). I guess they still do cure everything even after being sanctioned by the Texas government. Search the blog for the word Mannatech and pages of posts will come up.

    As for me I have never tried any of the Ambrotose/Glyconutrient products. For MS I have taken B complex (e.g. B50) and fish oil. Neither one will fix the problem, but it is good nutrition practice to be in.

    I still firmly believe that Mannatech/Ambratose is a garbage product with no value. On the other hand it probably does no harm except to your wallet.

    Good luck

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