Jan 302005

I got a request, over a week ago now, on some funny injection stories. I said I would post some, hopefully that night, but here we are a week later. I’m not sure I have any that are that funny, and certainly nothing erotic like MDMHVonPA’s comment; but here is my best effort. Actually there are only two, and personally I don’t find them funny; but they still make my wife laugh, quite to my displeasure. 😐

For the first, we are done with the injection in my leg, and my wife has the freezer pack to take back to the freezer. I’m sure I made some comment about the injection and she “accidentally dropped” the freezer pack on my private parts. I’m not sure I have ever moved as quickly as I did then to get that off of my body, I think it was only on me for a fraction of a second! Ugh. I can’t believe my wife almost laughed herself to death on that one – certainly my crime didn’t warrant that kind of response. 🙂

The second, also involving a freezer pack, is where I had left it in bed and forgot about it. (99% of my injections are done in bed before going to sleep.) Fortunately, I hadn’t gone to sleep yet as I rolled my bare stomach onto the freezer pack. I all but let out a loud girlie scream as I tried as quickly as possible to get away. Unfortunately, this one took a little more time before I could get a hold of the freezer pack and hurl it as far as I could. I do kinda wonder, as I am looking back, if maybe I made a nasty comment about the injection, and my wife planted a freezer pack in the bed as punishment. I have been much more diligent about keeping track of the freezer packs lately. I guess it is time to move to a heating pack so “accidents” don’t happen!

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  1. Hmm, freezer packs in bed and on the twig-n-berries? I think I hear that special background music playing as the filming rolls. And here I thought my bedroom life was exciting!

  2. There certainly is never a dull moment in the Smith bedroom! 😉

  3. Okay, I have to butt in here – ENOUGH with the bedroom comments!! ((shuddering))

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