Jan 072005

First it was tumeric spice for Multiple Sclerosis and now it is curry spice. I guess the rationale is that they have a very low incidence of MS in India so it must be something that they are doing to keep themselves from getting the disease. I guess I just grow weary of reading about all of these treatments based on things that they do in India. Of course there is a fairly large segment in India that will burn their wife alive if the family doesn’t give the husband a large enough dowry; next, will we be investigating wife burning as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?! It must work since they have such a low incidence of Multiple Sclerosis!

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  3 Responses to “Curry Spice vs. Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. I hear Mongolian Weasle Piss injected directly into your brain will cure you. No Mongolain Weasles have MS … it MUST WORK!

  2. I have to say… for a couple years I have been taking a vitamin with Tumeric extract in it and the claim I have seen (and felt) is that it reduces inflammation. But MS? I don’t buy that.

    Did you watch that documentary on the doc channel just the other week too? Scary.

  3. I have MS and have cured MYSELF with CURRY and Bee stings. The stings returned all feeling to my arms & legs, and the curry keeps anything new from developing.

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