Jan 182005

Apparently I have a gift to irritate, now if only I could figure out a way to make money off of irritating people. 😉 Apparently, Cinders was less than pleased with my Naltrexone post. On one level she definitely misunderstood my post; I wish all MS’ers the best, even if they are on a treatment I disagree with (whether because I think it is dangerous and/or not effective), or would not take for myself. Going on she said “wonderful but please don’t mouth the NMSS line of dire warnings about a drug therapy that many of us have decided to use.” Weird, what is this blog if not to post my drivel about MS?! On the other hand I am glad that Cinders is doing well, though I’m skeptical that it is definitely because of the Naltrexone. There have been no clinical trials of that to see if it is effective. Heck, on some days I’m skeptical that the Rebif is what is helping me, I may have just gone into a MS quiet period (hopefully not the quiet before the storm! ;-). I do maintain the NMSS stance on Naltrexone that it has a very high potential of being a very bad drug for Multiple Sclerosis, and one to be avoided until proven otherwise.

  2 Responses to “Another Dissatisfied Customer?”

  1. Lots of conflicting information on Naltrexone. I tend to agree with you on this one Erik. As far as I know, NMSS is not getting paid to keep their members crippled so them being critical of a treatment that migh work would tend to make me look twice. Frankly, I dont need my Immune system boosted any more than it already is. I’m going to stick with my regimine of strengthening the blood brain barrier and general healthy living. Oh, and my new scotch-n-bacon diet. It’s fan-tabu-listic!

  2. As Allways like to come here and read your out look on medication…I value your feedback on new medications, I am not to sure about scotch and bacon tho!

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