Dec 102004

All of this talk about cannabis and using it for Multiple Sclerosis isn’t really all that relevant to me because of its worst side effect – memory issues. I know I’ve seen articles that show that cannabis doesn’t damage your memory permanently just while you are taking it. Unfortunately, my memory is so bad at this point that any additional loss and I’d be a talking monkey. I would probably already have significant benefit from some of the Alzheimer’s drugs – I’m not sure I could take enough of them to offset the effects of the weed. 😉 They need to focus less on offsetting the side effect of the munchies to offsetting the side effect of no short term memory!

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  1. Maybe the whole deal is that you won’t care that your memory is gone, because you feel so much better? I don’t know.

    I do know that if our insurance company was in charge of it, we could get it cheaper on the street! Sad but true!

    You know I love you.


  2. Boy, Erik, you sure are following this pot issue closely…secret desires? Fond memories of high school? The inner Deadhead within you? I wonder. 🙂

  3. Becca,
    I see so many posts about medicinal weed in the MS circles that I feel prompted to add to the noise. Suprisingly I’ve never used any illegal drugs and very rarely have any alcohol. I was also never into the deadhead scene. 😉 On the other hand I was into the new wave scene and there certainly was no shortage of drug use there! 😉

  4. I voted for my state’s medical marijuana law (Oregon), but I don’t use it personally. I’ve considered it, because of the naseau, but it was so hard for me to quit smoking cigarettes 12 years ago, I’m just afraid that smoking marijuana will make it that much easier to run to the 7-11 and buy a pack of Camels.

    I wanted the option to be open to others, however, and feel it should be legal everywhere.

  5. Erik,
    I’m still envisioning someone “talking monkey”. That was a choice! ROTFL
    Aside from that, as a 57 yr. old g’mother/60’s/70’s pothead; (born again Christian now), it’s a toss up as to whether the memory loss is due to aging or brain cells lost due to marijuana use. Cyndy has the MS related memory/cognitive problem so we just help each other remember stuff. 😉

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