Dec 112004

The Zoloft has always given me very vivid dreams but for the last month it has really kicked it up a few notches. Who knows why since I haven’t altered my dose in quite a while. Lately I’ve been having 2-3 vivid dreams per night with at least one of them being a bad dream (though certainly not a terror.) Why do the memory and the anti-depressant medications give you vivid dreams – I don’t see the connection.

What is a vivid dream? I would normally not know what “vivid dream” means but this is what the dreams have been like for me. The dreams are all in very bright colors, not weird colors nor out of place, just very bright. (As a side note I always dream in color I’ve just heard of people who dream in B&W). The dreams are all extremely realistic, not that it would ever happen, but that is could. (i.e. no dreams with ghosts, monsters, boogeyman, etc.) They tend to be longer dreams and can span a couple of related dreams in the course of one night. They are always very memorable and can discuss them the next day in detail.

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