Dec 072004

I realize there are a number of items going on in the MS news at the moment but this article “Stem cells may hold promise as multiple sclerosis cure” really caught my eye. On one note this isn’t really all that blog worthy because I’ve mentioned before the progress being made with stem cells and remyelination. What irritated me is the awful journalism of overall sensationalism. What would define a cure for MS is the ability to stop relapses and stop the loss of myelin. Recreating mylin, and other nerve fabic, to reverse the damage is in no way a cure just a way to reverse damage. Just as when the cure comes it won’t necessarily reverse the damages. We need both a cure and a way to reverse the damages but we need to call them what they are. Remyelination in any form is just a stop gap measure, and as excited as I am about remyelination, it is not a cure.

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