Dec 072004

As I write about how remylination is not a cure I came across an item of interest on Mandatory Rest Period. The article she links to, USC multiple sclerosis vaccine begins $3.5 million clinical trial, seems very promising in concept to have your body destroy the cells that are incorrectly attacking the body. On the other hand this is a very scary proposition that goes far beyond immuno-modulating and immune suppression since it is turning your body’s immune system against itself. If an error is made the effects could be catastrophic. Furthermore, even without an error what are the long term effects of not being immune and not being able to attack a similar disease (especially if this turns out to be a unidentified Herpes strain) and kills you. This would appear to be a permanent endeavor and unlike the injections (which are certainly far from a cure) could not be undone (though maybe it could be with Campath or Chemotherapy.) I am very cautiously optimistic about this treatment at this point and would prefer to just take remyelination, once they get that going, for a couple of decades or so, while safety is “proven” for this vaccine.

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  1. What you are saying here … is that they wipe out your immune system and rebuild it from scratch, right? I remember reading something like this. Schwann Cell treatment or some wierdness like that. It had a 75% survival rate. SURVIVAL. No thanks, I’ll die slowly if I must at all.

  2. Erik, I read the article, USC multiple sclerosis vaccine begins $3.5 million clinical trial, linked on Kim’s blog and notice the date at the bottom of the page is Sept. 24, 1999. Am I correct in understanding that that is when the article was written? Do you know of any articles more recent than this one?

  3. Rita and mdmhvonpa,

    I had not noticed the date.. maybe Erik did, he is much more observant than I am. (Among his many wonderful qualities! If I could but count them all..) I digress..

    Here is an article from 2002

    If you go to this PDF, and skip to page 82, you will see that the status on this one has not been updated. It should have been, and I would assume that is not a good sign. The Schwann Cell Transplant was terminated because of poor results. (YIKES!)

    Take Care Y’all!!

  4. I guess I misread here are the results thus far taken from the page.

    Agent: T cell vaccination
    Purpose of study: To control lesion development
    Possible mechanism: Induces immunity against myelin-attacking T cells
    Study description: Double blinding, placebo control
    Dose/route: 50 x 10 million myelin-specific attenuated T cells derived from CSF sc, 3 times in 2 mo
    Outcome parameters: MRI, bimonthly
    Type of MS: RR
    Number of Subjects: 60
    Start date: September 2000
    Observation period: 18 months
    Investigators: R. Medaer, P. Stinissen, J. Raus
    Sites: Dr. Willems-Instituut, Diepenbeek, Belgium
    Results/Publications: Ongoing, with data from small, open-label study indicating safe and tolerated
    well (Clinical & Experimental Immunology 2003 Jan;131(1):155-68)
    Funding: Flemish Government
    Last update: Fall/Winter 2003

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