Dec 312004

I remained hopeful that I could successfully put down a rotavirus infection that is eating our kids lunch. I was optimistic both because statistically MS’ers have a lower incidence of viral infections than the general public (stronger immune system?), as well as my hope that I was at least partially immune from a very probable childhood infection. Other than the 102 degree fever that I am running, which bizarrely is not having a massive negative effect on my hands, this greatly increases the chance of an exacerbation. 🙁 Too add insult to injury I failed to take my Zoloft while on my trip (not intentional – I just forgot since I was out of my routine) which has resulted in a lot of dizziness and a little vertigo. Not a good combination when you’re already nauseated. On a plus side I have plenty of energy, since the fatigue is gone, so I can fully enjoy my illness while sitting in the bathroom! 😉

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  1. It is strangly fitting that I am spending another new years sick. In 1999 my wife and I rang in the new year with bacterial pneumonia. For what it’s worth, in comparison, this is much better.

  2. Oh man, that is a rough way to end/start the year. Hope you have the extra soft toilet paper!

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