Dec 012004

Now I’m regretting not getting the awake/pep pills the neuro offered to give me for my MS fatigue. I’m not having MS fatigue just not getting enough sleep fatigue but I’m sure those pills would have helped. Heck I can’t even what the medication’s name was at the moment. Ugh! Probably for the best, as my wife noted, so I don’t end up like Elvis will pills to stay awake and pills to go to sleep. It certainly didn’t turn out well for him. I should probably re-record my work message to be “Reboot your computer. If that doesn’t work call my coworker J___” that way I can get a nap during the day in the computer room.

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  1. Heh … The King would have people wake him up every few hours so he could have his ‘Attack’ delivered to his bedroom. Man, talk about substance abuse! I found that getting off coffee helped me to have a more restfull sleep, but the day does drag by towards the end. I know this sounds kinda fruity, but I find that the ‘American Ginseng Root Tea’ I get at the chinese market is a sure-fire pick-me-up at noon.

  2. Hi Erik, What did the doctor offer you for fatigue. My daughter, Cyndy, takes Ultram and she says that helps tremendously. Skelaxin helps at night. She often has leg problems that keep her from getting a good nights sleep. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

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