Dec 282004

After I sent in my responses to the reporter he wrote back asking about Naltrexone. Specifically if I had ever taken it or had any opinion on it; especially since it was a common treatment (he didn’t use the word common but the phrasing suggested it) for Multiple Sclerosis. At first I though he must be talking about Novantrone, though I would consider that far from a “common” treatment, but a quick search yielded quite a few results for Multiple Sclerosis and Naltrexone. I would have been very shocked to learn of a common treatment for MS (not symptom treatments, which I am certainly not an expert) which I had not heard about before, which immediately caused some alarm/skepticism. The skepticism was validated after I found an article on the National MS Society site about Naltrexone: Low Dose Naltrexone Update. After reading this I certainly did have an opinion: avoid Naltrexone until it is a proven benefit, especially since it probably will make the Multiple Sclerosis worse. I asked the reporter about the claimed popularity and he conceded it wasn’t very popular in the United States: “Indeed, most of the folks I’ve talked to on LDN are residing outside the U.S., where it’s been harder to land the ABC drugs (and Antegren isn’t available yet)…but I have encountered a few in the states who are getting it from Canada or doctors who are willing to prescribe it off-label.”

Good luck to those MS’ers taking that drug, it certainly sounds as if they need it. 🙁

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  1. The LDN folks are very active in the MS forum on braintalk. I admit my eyes glaze over when I see the knee-jerk “try LDN” answer to everything.

  2. While I certainly wish you best of luck on your choice of treatment, I somehow feel that you do not wish me the best on mine. I too have a doubt that LDN is the be-all end all that some (ok – one) doctor claims that it is, I never the less have to tell you in all sincerity that so far, it has been a good thing for me in treating my MS. And I have no shot or site reaction problems, pain or need for other medication to “manage” my medication side effects.

    As long as you are happy or satisfied with your shots, wonderful but please don’t mouth the NMSS line of dire warnings about a drug therapy that many of us have decided to use, with a good amount of success – at least as good of success as that of the conventional drugs . . . if not better.

  3. There are 7 must-see sites if you’re researching Naltrexone in the treatment of MS, HIV, Crohn’s, Autism, or any other autoimmune-based diseases:

    Low-Dose Naltrexone Treatment websites:

    1) & related site (USA)

    2) (UK)

    3) (USA)

    4) (interesting interview with Dr Bernard Bihari)

    Rated as a treatment:

    5) (USA)

    Collection of success stories:

    6) (AUSTRALIA)
    (contains patient success stories related to any treatment – has around 60 LDN anecdotal success stories so far)

  4. PS

    To get a broader picture of Naltrexone and MS, do a Google search for an article entitled;

    ‘Drug Stops Multiple Sclerosis – But Sufferer’s Can’t Get It’

    OR the edited version;

    ‘Anecdotal Evidence Points to Relief for MS Sufferers’

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