Dec 092004

I had my semi-annual visit to the dentist and she was amazed at how clean my teeth are – especially considering my awful dental hygiene*! Certainly there is a bit of me winning the genetic lotto when it came to my teeth because they are extremely hard and extremely smooth. On the other hand she said I have almost no plaque because I have very little of the bad bacteria, etc. that lives in the mouth. I attribute this to my very robust and very strong immune system. Sure I may not have much of a CNS left many years down the road because of my immune system but I will have pretty teeth. 😉 If my theory is correct about my teeth being good in large part because of my strong immune system than other MS’ers should be the same way. -So for those MS’ers out there do you have good teeth without excessive cleaning?

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  1. *What do I mean by poor dental hygiene? I only brush my teeth once a day before I leave for work. It is not all that unusual for me to miss a day on the weekends, especially Saturday, with brushing my teeth. I never floss and never use mouthwash. I tend to drink a sugary drink, Dr. Pepper, as I taking my nightly medications before going to sleep. All this and I do not have bad breath. 😉 To be fair I do have a couple of cavities but they are due to a tooth deformity (though the dentist didn’t want to use that term) that made it almost impossible to get them clean. Once these are repaired I should never have another cavity again without a change in habits.

  2. Damn you and your nice and healthy teeth! 😉 I do not fall into that category and boy, I sure wish I did! I don’t have horrid teeth either though I suppose. No root canals and only a handful of cavities mostly from not flossing. 🙁

  3. Hmmm, I grew up in Minnesota so we had flouride in the water. My teeth are like little granite knives. I did manage to get 4 cavities in my molars though, but my chompers are in excellent condition … well, except for that one front tooth that got snapped off, but that is another story for another time. As a fellow techie, I drink coffee, tea and Mt Dew or Dr Pepper but the gallon and yet, no new cavities. I do floss now though. The dental hygenist has this habit of ripping my gums to pieces when I go in so I try to toughen them up a bit.

  4. This is a very interesting theory, Erik. I must say that I have excellent teeth, with no cavities at all. My husband hates me everytime he goes to the dentist. 🙂 I have always thought of this as genetic–my father didn’t get his first cavity until he was well into his 40s, but my mom has a mouthful of fillings. The only dental issues I’ve ever had were braces in my teens and a somewhat complicated extraction of my wisdom teeth several years ago. Those puppies did not want to come out! I had to be sedated and they had to chip them out, piece by piece. So I would say that I have some pretty strong teeth, with very little attention from me! (brush 2x/day, floss when I have the energy 🙂

  5. I take after my mother’s side with their excellent teeth and VERY strong immune systems. My Dad’s side has pretty bad teeth – soft and rough. I think it is a combo of good genetics coupled with an awesome immune system. I think the Hygenist only spent 5 min. max scraping my teeth!

  6. Alas, I am afraid I do NOT fall into that category…after the New Year, what is left of my teeth (and it isn’t much) will be pulled and I will have dentures a the grand old age of thirty. However, I think I must point out that I grew up on a reservation, and drank tainted water for many years. That is most likely the cause of my severe tooth decay…although the naseau I have from the MS, with its resultant occasional bouts of vomitting, probably hasn’t helped any.

  7. Erik, I have to disagree. I took after Dad, and I don’t think I have “pretty bad teeth.” I did get a few cavities, but I haven’t had any in years. And the cavities weren’t from soft teeth, they were from the deep crevices in the molars – hence the sealants when I was young.

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