Dec 282004

My sister asked tonight what was the decreased sensation like in my hands. It is very difficult to describe since in many ways I have never felt anything like it before. The closest I can equate it to is wearing a very tight surgical/latex glove and trying to feel things. It isn’t that bad but similar in the sense of the loss in ability to feel minor details. I can have a very hard time feeling specific textures of fabric, especially when I am hot, but I can feel bumps, etc. in the texture. Overall I would say that I have 97-98% of my sensation left in my hands; so my hands are not really that bad, and the lack of sensation doesn’t impact me in any way. Also, my hands always feel stiff, though only slightly. It is difficult to describe since my hands aren’t actually stiff, they just feel that way, and yes there is a difference. 😉 Both of these are permanent remnants of my “first” exacerbation which will never go away; well unless remyelination techniques come along!

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  1. I say first exacerbation because that is when I was diagnosed. It is clear that I had exacerbations before this one for probably 1-2 years.

  2. A geeky analogy is in order here. Remember when Bones asked Spock what it was like being dead and he said he could not explain unless he had been dead once as well? There you go.

  3. I also have sensation loss and stiffness in my hands from an exacerbation 3/03, the left more than the right. It is hard to explain. I usually tell folks it feels like the loss of feeling you get when you pinch your finger in a door – you can still “feel”, but it’s off by a bit.

  4. hi eric..
    I have this same problem but i dont know what it is called. I tried to ask my nurse about it but I don’t think she understood me.


  5. Cintay,
    The joys of nurses. I have found that they are frequently not much help with neurological issues. Hope all gets better soon!

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