Dec 262004

OK so I get this comment the other day on Mercury causing MS. Other than there is no proof of that, and quite a bit to the contrary I won’t really digress into all the issues. I know people have problems with Thimerosal but it is a different type of mercury with a very short half life in the body; something in the order of a day or two. Regardless, I have no fillings (yet!) so no Mercury there; plus I eat almost zero fish so no Mercury there. I probably have an extremely low amount of Mercury in the system; so that is definitely not the cause of my MS.

  2 Responses to “Mercury vs. MS vs. Me”

  1. Erik,

    You are right about thimerosol leaving the body – for most people. But there are those with a defect in methylation which means that they cannot excrete heavy metals and the mercury builds up and causes neurological harm.

  2. I agree that there is a condition where mercury is not properly dealt with, though it is very rare. Even with that condition, with my understanding, thimerosol should not be a problem.

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