Dec 182004

I can’t remember when this started, but it has been quite a while, but I now get dizzy very easily. Also, when I get dizzy it typically makes me nauseous. I used to be able to spin around with my son and have no problem but now I get excessively dizzy and then sick. What I can’t decide is if this is a side effect of one of the drugs or part of the Multiple Sclerosis. I guess no more riding the tea cups at the fair anymore. 😉

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  3 Responses to “Dizziness/Vertigo Sensitivity”

  1. Crap. I get that by standing up or looking in the rearview mirror of my car. Sorry to see that you have put a check in that box.

  2. Shortly after my dx, I experienced lots of dizziness (sp?). The worse one was standing at the train platform and almost falling on the tracks. Not fun. I still get the spins every once in a while. I notice it comes when I’ve been bad and haven’t taken care of myself. I guess it’s my body’s way of telling me to take a break.

  3. Vertigo is seriously the worst. I had a gruesome vertigo episode involving a week in bed, crawling to the bathroom, and throwing up a lot.

    I have sort of residual vertigo and have learned not to turn my head fast. I’ve had good luck with Scopolamine.

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