Dec 072004

This is certainly probably the “biggest” story about MS at the moment. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of this – the last time was about any chronological disease by birth month. I’m pretty skeptical about this as a whole and my initial suspicion was that they had too small of a sampling size. The sampling size is bigger than I thought at 25,000 people but is that enough to be statistically relevant. I guess I need to pull the journal article and see what it has to say but best case scenario this smacks of post hoc ergo propter hoc to me. You can read the WebMD article here: Birth Month Tied to Multiple Sclerosis Risk.

Update: Here is the previous post I couldn’t think of: What’s My Sign

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  3 Responses to “Birth Month Tied to Multiple Sclerosis Risk?”

  1. When my wife saw the “What’s My Sign” she immediately thought of Bill Engvall. Surprised I didn’t think of that first! 😉 “Here’s your sign” indeed!

  2. You can find a pattern in ANYTHING. I also don’t buy into that MS is at all related to your birth month.

  3. Put me in the camp of “it’s load of crap”. according to the article, I shouldn’t have MS, seeing as I was born in November. I guess it was a false alarm, I’ll have to call my neurologist and let him know.


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