Dec 142004

I wanted to apologize to Barrie of thepinkbee for hurting her feelings. It was never my intent and I’m sorry that she took my posts as a personal attack.

Furthermore, while the angry mobs that I was expecting never arrived I was delisted at re:Becca. Maybe if I behave for a long time a can get relisted.

At the same time I do fully stand behind my assessment of the attitude and make no apologies for that nor for commenting on that attitude. The attitude is radically unhealthy, unnecessary, and has underpinnings stemming from Peter Singer’s philosophy and well as the culture of death we have moved into.

There were some comments about it being passive aggressive (cowardice?) that I posted to my blog instead of as a comment on her post. When I wrote the post I contemplated posting it in both places but decided against it. First, because my intention was/is not to change her opinion – obviously I feel she is wrong – she is welcome to feel/think however she wants. Secondly, that post would have been outside the theme of her blog and her audience making it irrelevant. Since I wasn’t posting for her and it was of no value to her audience I decided to just post to my site. If that is passive-aggressive so be it – though at the same time I never meant it as an aggressive post. This was just as my $.02 on an opinion/feeling/thinking I radically disagree with.

There were a couple of comments about me being a Christian. Oddly, the comments were by non-Christians. As always, but especially with that post, if anyone has any Biblical objections please point out my error so that I can repent – but be specific.

(I would have posted yesterday but by the time I got home from work I passed out from exhaustion caused by going to bed way too late on Sunday.)

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  3 Responses to “Apology”

  1. In the interest of keeping the peace, particularly at this time of year, and since Barrie asked me to, I have put your link back up, Erik. This is not say that I agree with you–in fact, I still take issue with your “apology”, but I’m tired of the drama and I think it’s probably bad for my karma. So there you go, Merry Christmas and I hope we can all have a good new year and treat each other with kindness.

  2. This whole blog is about MS. I’m sure there is someone else with MS who’d disagree with you too. No matter how you present your attitude or opinion of MS , it has to be shit for the person whether they talk about it or not. I think everyone should be glad for their health and not do stupid things to destroy it when there are so many incureable things that can happen to you in life. Let the shit die down. I’m sure you were just having a moment just like Barrie had hers. I learned a lot about MS from you guys and I have people in my life with AIDS, blindness,cancer, in wheelchairs, etc. There are a lot of bad things in this world people have to deal with. MS is just one of many. Anyway I read Barrie’s stuff, and I think it’s not productive for two people dealing with the same problems to be at each other. I read your stuff, and I think you’re probably a decent guy. Maybe later you two can work out your differences.

  3. Erik, Barrie, Becca, etc… Just my $.02 worth here: My wish is NOT to give an opinion as to who is right or who is wrong on this issue. There is no right or wrong. This is simply what I believe: The issue of attitude is relevant to each of us individually. Just as one grieves at the loss of a loved one to death; there is the probability of a grieving process that many people experience as a result of being forced to face the reality of a life altering illness such as MS. This process is definitely going to be different for each individual. I’ve seen this process in my daughter. My hope for all of us who are believers in Jesus Christ is that we exhibit the faith, hope and charity that would be pleasing in His sight. No, this is not a statement intended to question anyone’s Christianity. Sometimes we just need a reminder that we must choose the higher road. Blessings to you all.

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