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Came across this article today: Bee stings ‘help’ mother with MS. I thought this was kinda low for weekly bee stings on the bee venom therapy front. Certainly puts my 3 injections a week into perspective. While I have no interest in this therapy, I’m far too much of a weenie, I had heard that there was a clinical trial using bee venom where it is injected via syringe so it can bee [sic] clearly seen the effect per dose. Regardless, I don’t see this replacing my Rebif anytime too soon.

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  1. The sic was added after my wife pointed out my typo; well she asked if it was a typo. I thought “wow, even my mistakes can be funny” and the “sic” got added to the post. 😉

  2. Reyah Carlson, aka “The Bee Lady of the Mid-West” a name given by Pat Wagner, recently moved to Bruner Missouri. Extensive experience in Bee Venom Therapy/apitherapy, seen on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Reyah utilizes all honeybee made products for health and well being, including the venom from the live bee. Products include RAW honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and makes skin creams, soaps and other preperations using bee made products. Visit her website at for her story

  3. Thanks. It is certainly good to see some alternative therapies out there. I just don’t think I can handle bee stings yet! 😉

    A clickable URL for everybody:

  4. I never did bee stings to reverse the MS I had. I was told about them but I was to chicken to do it. It was bad enough I was a pin cushion In the hospital from the 2 major attacks I had. I refuse to go through that again. If you want to know exactly how I did it, go to my sight it has a lot of info on what I did. I believe anyone can reverse their illness, as long as their not afraid to do what I done.

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