Nov 182004

It seems like ASMS goes on kicks where every third post or so is about the medicinal use of Cannabis. While I am in the camp that would agree that it probably has some definite medicinal in limited cases it certainly seems like their is the possibility of an ulterior motive and isn’t medicinal. 😉 It got me to thinking about this today when I came across Kurt’s post on an anti-munchies drug. I’m not too worried about the weight though since that fat will help with my re-myelination at some point – or at least that is what I keep telling myself. Regardless his comment “I wonder if that means that interaction with the cannabis receptors would be beneficial for my multiple sclerosis. Hmmm… Here comes the science!” is interesting. Kurt I vote you go and try this out and report back – happy eating! 😉

  6 Responses to “Weed”

  1. you’re a funny guy 🙂 can I call you when I need to be bailed out of jail? Sadly enough I wouldn’t even know where to get it. I guess I could always start hanging out around the local high school 🙂

  2. You can always call but I’m not sure I have the $ to bail myself out of jail with my insurance costs! 😉

  3. In my state (Oregon), MS patients can legally take marijuana. I don’t, for a number of reasons, but I like having the option; especially as I have trouble taking pain meds without severe naseau (and phenergan doesn’t work very well for me at all). Someday, maybe.

  4. Nuro has me on Morphin 2x’s a day. When I run out of the medicine or when someone (stepson)help hisself to some of it and I had to do without it. The pain was unbearable, or it was the withdraws from not having the morphin don’t know. Do know that a few hit’s off the ole pipe helped ease the pain to where I could manage.

  5. If your stepson is helping himself to some of your prescription medication you might have a much larger issue! 🙁

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