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I’ve been heating the injection site for the past couple of injections and it has worked out OK. The warmth seems to be a bit of a tradeoff – you can feel the needle go in a little more but then the medication going in doesn’t hurt nearly as much. It almost seems, with the ice pack, that the area gets tense and there isn’t enough space to cram the injection into where the warmth seems to make the tissue more pliable. The needle doesn’t really hurt anymore going in but it has been more noticeable. I will keep doing the warm towel because it beats the heck out of putting something freezing cold on your body! I have been using a dish towel that I warm in the microwave but will probably get a Sodium Acetate heating pack (these are the ones with the metal disc) since that will be much easier to use and are reusable plus I don’t have to worry about it getting too hot – they peak around 130 degrees.

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  1. Erik: I don’t know what a blog is, but I came across your site in an MS search. Maybe this post will get to you. My hubby (age 45) was diagnosed with MS and currently cannot walk without a walker, has very slurred speech, vision problem, numbness and dizziness. He starts Rebif next week. He was told 18 years ago that he “might” have MS due to numbness and vision problem that lasted a couple weeks and showed MS on MRI; no medications prescribed, no more symptoms for 10 or so years (so we thought he was healed), then dizziness for about 12 hours (didn’t know whether to think it was MS or something else); nothing else till 3 weeks ago when numbness on right side of body and left side of face appeared. Went to ER, had MRI and tests, confirmed MS, took 3 days S-M in hospital by IV; during the 3 days of IV, he became unable to walk without a walker, his vision became horrible, and the numbness now looks like paralysis (his whole mouth and tongue are now numb). Been waiting 2 weeks get all test results and see Dr. (had spinal tap, VERS, more bloodwork, etc). Went to Dr. yesterday, started 3 more days of S-M IV yesterday, then starting Rebif next week. Prescribed Lexapro for depression. No change yet in symptoms. I’ve found your site encouraging and informative. Would like to keep in touch. My email is or I’d like to know about some of the supplements I’ve read in different posts. I asked our Dr. about adding a superfood nutrient (didn’t ask him to endorse it, just asked if he saw any ingredients on the list that would interfere with the treatment he’s prescribing). The one I’m looking at is RioThiene (sp?) with E7 ( Know anything about it? And have you ever had symptoms reverse when they were as bad as my hubby has (wobbly-no coordination, slurring, vision, numbness)? I know only God knows the future, and we’re Christians so we put our ultimate trust in Him to work it all out, but it’s nice to hear of folks who have overcome what we’re facing. It’s all so new and such a shock. I can’t believe it’s gotten so bad in 3 short weeks! We have kids age 11 (a boy – VERY close to his dad/hunting and fishing and farming together all the time), and a girl (age 16 – older and more independent but scared just the same). If you could email or tell me how to contact/use blog, I’d appreciate it. Thanks ever so much and God bless ya! Teresa Arnold in Tennessee.

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