Nov 292004

An article came through today on a Paralized woman walking again after the use of cord blood to treat her spinal cord injury. I am very excited about this progress as well as further proof that these sort of repairs can be done without embryonic stem cells. Double-good for me since I have my daughter’s cord blood in storage! The full article is here: Stem cells help paralysed woman walk and here: Paralyzed Woman Walks After Stem Cell Therapy. As many have commented elsewhere this “press release” is not a peer reviewed journal and is only a single case. Much needs to be done to verify this and to make it repeatable.

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  1. Ummm … wow. I wished that we had saved the twins cord blood, but at the time, it was not financially an option. Guess I need to knock up the wife again!

  2. Ugh, M, you’re crass. 😉 Besides, the article doesn’t say anything about it being her own child’s cord blood. So there’s hope for you yet, at least in one respect. 🙂

  3. I read this article yesterday on the and thought that it was a good first step(pardon the pun) BUT where was the info on her atrophy of her leg muscles – when did the procedure take place – is cord blood storage a common practice in S. Korea? And at what point does it become a fact ratehr than a ‘claim’ that the procedure actually happened? I’m so corn-fused…have a good day…

  4. Heh … Becca. I yam what I yam! Crass and Brash like a Texas Debutante!

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