Nov 182004

Open enrollment just started at work where we get to pick our benefits for the next year. This is always a depressing time since benefits get less yet always get more expensive than the previous year. Since I am a heavy utilizer of the health plan for obvious reasons it definitely significantly impacts me. Well this year the health coverage has gone up $32/month for a grand total outlay of $3,156/year. I definitely could have found a more entertaining use of that $384! Then to add insult to injury they modified the prescription drug program so that mail order prescriptions now cost $62.50 up from $25.00. Since they will only allow me a one month supply of Rebif at a time it is now going to cost be $750/year for that drug alone! While it doesn’t impact the mail order stuff I will be paying 20% of all drugs filled at the pharmacy. I need a reminder why I still continue to work here. 🙁

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  1. *I figured I’d have to explain this to the Yankees! 😉 The title is actually how Texans would say an expletive – I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one it is! 😉 The choice was inspired by the country song (which plays on the double meaning) Some Beach by Blake Shelton which I have yet to hear but have seen the lyrics.

  2. Well I went to Yahoo Launch and they have an excellent music video of Blake Shelton’s Some Beach song. Very funny!

  3. Jumping Jebus. They really took a chunk of flesh from you this time. Did your office visit co-pay go up too? Insurance comanies are evil … EVIL I tell you!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your change in benefits. They did that to us last year here. It really sucks. What choice do we really have. My heart really goes out to those who have no health insurance. At some point I guess it becomes a choice between eating or taking care of your health.

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