Nov 192004

I got a note from MS Linelines the other day on the results of their trial with the smaller needle. It definitely looks like it will make the injection much better. On a side note how the heck do you get signed up for these types of clinical trials. I would have loved to beta-test a smaller needle! Regardless I have about 3 months of injections to go through assuming the next pack I get is with the smaller needle. At least it is something to be optimistic about in the future! Here are the details per the email that I got:

Rebif’s new 29-gauge needle is the thinnest of any MS therapy. And a thinner needle may mean more comfortable injections. In fact, in a recent survey of patients using the new, thinner needle*:

  • 89% reported less pain
  • 84% reported less bruising
  • 81% reported less stinging/burning
  • 77% reported fewer injection-site reactions†

* Based on a telephone survey of 26 patients who used the 29-gauge needle. Responses were self-assessed after 2 or more weeks of using the new syringe.

† Includes redness, swelling, and/or tenderness.

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  1. today i started on 44mcg of the rebif.i prefer to self inject.i wanted to say i noticed a difference immediatly! no sting!!! when i was done injecting i re-capped an as i did i bent the needle. i remembered what you wrote in your post about the 29 guage needle. after looking on the box of the rebif i looked in the pamphlet and low and behold it was the 29 Gg needle. i didnt think it would make a difference but it really does. i do have the rebeject 2 i only use it when i travel or at work…

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