Nov 162004

Well here is the last part of my response to Christine’s comment on my post Steve the Pimp:

  1. First and foremost I think you trivialize those with disabilities (and those with the prospect of disability) when you make a comment suggesting taking this pill could magically remove disability. The best and brightest are working hard to mitigate and reverse the nasty and disabling side effects of MS and to suggest one little pill can do all the scientists couldn’t is ridiculous. Maybe you should also take a look into Alex Chiu’s Eternal Life Rings for your niece since I am sure those reverse disability too!
  2. I’m not going to get into the science of the glyconutrients but there are a lot of red flags about this drug namely is that this one drug all by itself will basically fix all of your problems. If this doesn’t throw up a red flag to you I don’t know what does. To go along with that there are no magic cures for MS – or any other disease for that matter – everything comes at a cost.
  3. Another red flag is that these saccharides (carbohydrates/sugers) are only available from Mannatech and all the research and other sites seem to always come back to them or one of their salespeople.
  4. You start the next section with ” I read your post about Mr. Brown and his efforts to educate you about glyconutrients.” This was an unsolicited commercial email. I think it is very clear that Mr. Brown was interested in Pimpin’ his product and any other motive was secondary. This drug seems to frequently say it helps bolster the immune system. This is something I certainly don’t need any assistance with since my body seems to be doing a pretty good job on its own eating up my Myelin. You are really coming off a a shill for the Mannatech company as Kurt suggested – maybe a little Astroturfing for them.
  5. What the heck does this mean and how does it qualify you as an expert to recommend a product: “I’ve read the research, understand about the cellular communication and auto-immune diseases”
  6. “I have learned that since 1996 students who are in medical school are learning about the eight essential saccharides from Harper’s Biochemistry.” I have no doubt that they are learning about carbohydrates – I haven’t looked in Harper’s to see what they say on those compounds – have you?
  7. You said “Your family needs a healthy husband and father who can participate in their lives to the fullest.” Other than being emotive crap I find this exceptionally offensive as should anyone who is in any way disabled. While a disability would certainly alter how I do things it would not make me less involved with my family or less of father or husband.
  8. You said “I hope you still have Mr. Brown’s contact info. Just because he is in the health business doesn’t mean that he is not a sincere, caring person who wants to help others. Your doctor makes a living from your visits and so do the drug companies. (They are the ones that I don’t trust.)” And Mr. Brown apparently makes a living from selling these products – by your logic shouldn’t I distrust him too?
  9. All other issues aside the choice of their company name of Mannatech irritates the crap out of me. I find Ambrotose (ambrosia?) another play on food from above.

Personally you’ll see me sending my money to Alex Chiu before I’ll be sending any money to Mannatech. Of course there is always that snowball’s chance in hell that they are on to something but I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. A good, irrefutable, well thought out reply. And I agree wholeheartedly. Especially with your response to the insinuation that you’re unable to be a good parent (friend, employee, etc.) if you have a disability or chronic illness.

  2. Absurd … I’ll have to tell my Mom who was diagnosed with MS in 1976 when I was 8 that she was a poor parent because of it. I’ll also have to explain to my children that they should not yell out ‘DADDY!’ and run into my arms when I pick them up because since I have MS, that makes my inability to pick them both up at the same time means I should not try at all. Eric, you really got me tweaked and it is only 0830!

  3. I guess by Christine’s logic I probably shouldn’t have any kids at all. Guess I missed the boat on that one by being responsible and waiting until we could actually afford them! Anyways, thank you Erik for introducing the term astroturfing to me. I love new vocabulary! Can’t wait to find a way to work it into a sentence. 🙂

  4. And I almost forgot, the Eternal Life Rings site is the most freakin’ hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long, long time! It’s going to take me some time to wade through all of that nonsense. My favorite line so far: “The search engine tells the entire truth.” It’s a good thing I’m alone back in Special Collections today, because I am laughing out loud like a maniac!

  5. wow,I’m got a get me some of those eternal life rings. Looking at that patent application gives me a headache. Methinks you gave Christine way too much air time, but all of their ilk deserve to be trounced.

    I hope they never show up on my blog.

  6. From Mannatech’s FAQ:

    What do I take for a particular illness?
    Our products are nutritional supplements–not drugs. They are not represented as a treatment for any disease. They are designed to help promote good health. If you are sick, consult your physician about the use of these products.

    I guess Steve the Pimp and Christine the Shill didn’t get the memo…

  7. Firstly – Thanks for posting your blog for others to read. Its a breath of fresh air compared to many other sites I’ve seen so far.
    In response to Glyconutrients… I have asked for thier research, no response back yet. I love this site for debunking medical junk thats out there and the one interesting thing I found is that Quackwatch has been aware of Mannatech Company since the 80’s as being a multi-level company (ie: pryamid schemes). Figures.

  8. Erik, so glad I found your blog, for 2 reasons! My best friend has had MS for 26 years (is just now starting to use a scooter), and my poor mother has decided that Mannatech is the answer to all her ills, as well as my friend’s MS and hey, while we’re at it, my other friend’s breast cancer. Wow, I’m amazed the doctors have totally ignored this one!!
    Your response was perfect, and I shall bookmark this blog for a great reference point.

  9. I believe the book of Proverbs that says “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine”. It sounds like you have a sense of humor that will keep you going. Thanks to my sister’s obsession with Mannatech and her believe that it helps the body heal itself from everything, we now refer to the product as the “M” word. It all sounds so believable but something deep inside tells me its hogwash! I hope and pray you will have many wonderful and healthy years with your precious family. K in SD

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