Nov 262004

As Kim commented here she has also started an MS blog: Mandatory Rest Period. Diagnosed with Benign MS I’ll be very interested to see how this pans out – mine is certainly anything but benign – so I certainly have no experience with this type of MS. I definitely need to read about benign MS because I am still skeptical of that designation. (But that is certainly an uninformed skeptical) If by benign they mean less severe I can accept that but if you’re having exacerbations that seems to be anything but benign. I guess it is time to hit to see if I can find some articles on this. I’ve finally gotten around to updating my template and have included both Mandatory Rest Period and Ms not just a diary.

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  1. Hi Erik, I did a search on Tysabri this evening and happened upon your blog. My daughter Cyndy who is 33 yrs. old has MS also. She was diagnosed in 1995 with relapsing remitting. She’s just getting through a bad flare up, still on steroids. This time it has left her with some numbness still in her legs and tremors in her spine, but she is doing very well. She’s an extremely strong and determined young woman. She’s currently on the Avonex injections as well as a number of other meds, but her new neuro plans to switch her to Betaseron soon. I’ve just read a little about the new drug, Tysabri, so I’ll have to ask her if she’s familiar with it and we’ll go from there. Come visit sometime. Blessings to you.

  2. I thought Avonex and Betaseron were the same drug ? I could be wrong ! What is Benign Multiple Sclerosis ! I thought I knew alot about it ( my Wife has it ). However I have never heard the term * Benign MS *. )>< )))*> ——–

  3. Avonex and Rebif are the same drug. Betaseron is still an interferon but a different one. Copaxone and Tysabri are completely different.

  4. Rita,

    If you can please give me the address to come and visit you at online. (I went to your blogger profile, but did not find your online home.)

    I am so glad to hear that your daughter is mentally doing so well and that she is so strong. I will add her to my prayer list for sure. It’s hard to watch someone that you love so much going through the treatments. I HATE the steroids but I am so glad that they are there to help get the inflamation under control. You hang in there yourself. I know all to well how horrible it is to be on the outside. I wish that I could have MS and not Erik. I could deal with that so much better.

    To the annon poster, I feel ya on the confusion. Seems like there is always something! 🙂 Par for the course I suppose when you have a disease that no one knows what causes it, is different in every person, comes in multiple forms, and has a wide array of places it can attack. I will pray for your wife too.

    Take Care!

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