Nov 102004

It came up again today and it reminded me that I probably never blogged my rationale for getting the flu shot. Regardless I’m too lazy to search back through to see if I did so maybe this is a repeat. I realize there was a “shortage” of flu shots this year which mostly means people who would never get one panicked and tried to get one. I realize that they say people with chronic illnesses should get one but I don’t think they mean people with MS but instead mean people with heart and lung problems – neither of which apply to me. On the other hand I used a corporate service that came to downtown and served otherwise very healthy business people – in fact I stood in line with my CEO and his secretary who certainly didn’t qualify under those guidelines. My thought was I have enough problems with the MS which certainly don’t need to be exacerbated by having the flu and having a lengthy fever – not that it would have a negative impact on disease progression just on my quality of life. I didn’t even get a fever after the shot so I consider it definitely worthwhile – even though I bled like a stuck pig from the needle (which is becoming increasingly common for me). I did find it funny that a person at work said that they don’t get the flu shot because they aren’t guaranteed to get the flu but they shot is guaranteed. I guess from the perspective of someone who gets over a hundred injections a year one more is a drop in the bucket – plus it is a pretty painless injection. As I’ve said before I do recommend that MS’ers get the flu shot if they can (we’re certainly no stranger to a needle 😉 and in my opinion have enough issues without the flu! Just my $.02

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  1. Over the last 2 years, I have gotten a flu shot … and the flu. This year, I skipped it. The kids bring home more nasties than Pasteur could possibly imagine existed so I might as well suck it up and break out the kleenex.

  2. I went back and forth about getting a flu shot. I’ve only had it one time (when I was 18 and working in a nursing home) and it made me very sick. Of course, this was 11 years ago and I believe they have come a long way since then. When I discussed it with my internist last week, we decided that because I am healthy and don’t have any compromised systems (pulmonary, respiratory, etc.), I did not need one. Which is a good thing, since my internist’s practice, which includes seven physicans, had none to give. So glad to hear that healthy CEOs and their secretaries have free and unfettered access to vaccines they don’t need. In the words of Yakov Smirnoff, “What a country!”

  3. In reality I didn’t need it any more than the CEO or his secretary as compared to people with chronic problems. On the other hand none of these vaccinations was going to that group so I might as well get one.

    The flu vaccine has never made me sick (except maybe a low grade fever) and I’ve never gotten the flu that year so I’ll continue to get them if I can.

  4. I realize that they say people with chronic illnesses should get one but I don’t think they mean people with MS but instead mean people with heart and lung problemsAu contraire, ma petite choux! They absolutely do mean people with MS.

    Course, I didn’t get a flu shot, either.


  5. I agree with the last post: they do mean people with MS. At my doctor’s, they put up a poster for who the CDC recommends gets the shot; MS is on the list.

  6. I have gotten a flu shot for years; even before I was diagnosed with MS. This year, my doctor said they had none to give. I then signed up for a Flu Mist clinic and got a script from my MD. The drug rep for Flu Mist wouldn’t give someone with MS the “live” vaccine without confirmation from my doctor. When I called my MD, he suddenly had a flu shot for me to get. Go figure. I get a fever from my Avonex injection every week so what’s another one if it could prevent me from being really sick later on.

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