Nov 032004

I stay up until 1:00am CST last night waiting for the presidential election results – much too late and I should have known better. I finally gave up and went to bed hoping for a good nights sleep before the alarm went off – but that didn’t happen. I am very surprised that I got the chills from the Rebif because it has been months since the last time this has happened (and before that it was an even longer period of probably 6 months!) so it really took me off guard. The MS Lifelines nurse told me that this is usually caused by a contraindication with something that I came into contact with (i.e. consumed). There were a number of things that were out of the ordinary last night but this was the first time I’ve had the chills since the nurse mentioned the contraindication issue so I have nothing to compare it to. At least I have made a note of all of the things that were out of the ordinary so if/when this happens again I can narrow down the cause. Hopefully it isn’t from the Pizza Hut pizza that I was eating while watching the election coverage.

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  1. Sorry to hear you got the smack-down from your meds. I find that when I deviate from my regular schedule, a world of hurt is waiting for me the next day. I’m going to postulate that this was not a reaction with food but a body-chemistry issue. I don’t suppose you got worked up or angsty watching the elections … did you? Hmmmmm?

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