Nov 082004

I must say that for having the last appointment before lunch he was running surprisingly on time – only 30 min late. Almost a record! 😉 On another plus I kept from being agitated so my blood pressure was normal – only the second time ever at his office! 😉 Since there wasn’t much to discuss I asked about the report No Evidence That Glatiramer Acetate Slows Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Progression. He said that he had read parts of the report but added that it was not peer reviewed. He said it is definitely cause for concern and something to keep an eye on but is certainly not a reason to stop taking Copaxone. I am going to see if I can get a copy of that magazine/journal article through the local library to see for myself. (Becca: at least some of us still use the library! 😉 The other item of interest was that I asked about Antegren and if he’d heard anything from the drug rep. He said no but that he expects FDA approval no earlier than early next year. He also said that the FDA will probably have to come up with a metric to justify using a combination therapy to make the insurance happy – just his theory. Regardless he said he would be more interested in the 2 yr. data and seeing what the FDA says then – he thinks the insurance companies will wait until then too before they start covering Antegren as a dual therapy. And we all know until insurance starts paying it is as good as a non-existent drug – well at least for me. He also said that he in very unlikely to switch me, or others, off of the Interferons to go to Antegren with very little track record but is excited about it as a combination therapy. We’ll see how the landscape changes when I go back to see him in early February.

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    According to this article, November 25 is expected to be the announcement date from the FDA on Antegren. Not that I trust the FDA very much anymore. This must be the week to go see the neurologist. I go see mine tomorrow. I will, of course, ask about the suspect study on Copaxone. I was able to retrieve the abstract, but USC doesn’t subscribe to The Lancet Neurology (which tells me something about it right off the top) and I’m too lazy to interlibrary loan it. I’m waiting to see what my neuro has to say.

  2. Yeah, that’s a problem isnt it? No insurance coverage == no sales. Unless, of course, it is being sold in Canada or Europe. Now if this was a diet drug or a pain reliever … well, that’s different! My Wife works at Merck and they are one of the few pharma companies that still even bother to try to create vaccines.

  3. Let me look around here. I’ll probably be able to get ahold of the report/article for you to save you a trip to the library.

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