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Came across this site today about someone just diagnosed with MS: Ms not just a diary. Yuck! -I think everyone remembers the early days of their diagnosis less than fondly. Certainly a difficult time. I certainly cannot imaging blogging during that time but now we have at least two who are doing just that (ie Becca). Certainly tougher than me!

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  1. Hi Erik, Your blog and Daves new blog have inspired me to start up a blog (as well as my husbands persistence!) also. I hope you don’t mind me linking to your “how to support someone” posting as I found it truly hit the mark. Anyways… this is me
    – Kim

  2. Hi erik, Just thought I would post a note and your site seeing as you and your wife have been so nice to help us newbies. your site shows me that there is alot I have to go through and I will be looking through your research with all of the drugs you have. Can you tell me….if you jump up and down do you rattle? signing of
    p.s keep you chin up!

  3. Thanks for the link, Erik….Dave’s blog looks interesting! I agree with you; I don’t think I could have been blogging when I first got the DX (right on the heels of losing my mother to cancer, to boot). Dave’s insights could be invaluable to others going through the recently-diagnosed moods…

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