Nov 092004

I had heard this mentioned in the last conference call that I attended that Alzherimer’s drugs were being tested to help with memory. Talk about another blow to the dignity if I have to start taking an Alzherimer’s drug in my 30’s. 😉 Anyway there was quite a bit of news about a number of Alzheimer’s drugs and MS today – funny how this stuff comes in waves – but this particular article caught my attention because of the possibility of improved benefit. There were two quotes I really enjoyed. The first was: “The researchers don’t know how donepezil may work in the brain to help improve memory in people with MS.” -I found this so fitting because doesn’t that really sum up pretty much everything with MS. The other was: “Those taking donepezil were more likely to have unusual or abnormal dreams than those taking the placebo.” -Funny because probably both groups had abnormal dreams it was just the donepezil group was able to remember that they had them! 😉 Joking aside I’m not surprised about the dreams because the Zoloft at 100mg was giving me some very weird and very vivid dreams.

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  1. Now this is something that I could get into! I used to be able to recall everything I did for the past week and any appointments I had in the next month. Now, I forget my co-workers names and commonly refter to my dog’s names when talking to the kids: ‘Thor, stop hitting your sister … err, Jacob! Nutz.’ I’ve forgotten 10x as much as I know today!

  2. This is an important finding. I plan on speaking to my neurologist about it when I finally get to see him — in March! I’m not proud, I’ll gladly take an Alzheimer’s drug if it could help with the cognitive prolems I’m having. I bet it’s expensive.

  3. Like I’ve told you – you don’t have too many memory problems. I, on the other hand, have major memory problems! Look at every time we talk about your blog and I’m going, “Uhhh…….when did you blog about that?” And, of course, I have no excuse (other than genetics) for the deteriorating memory!!!

  4. Well anonymous or “-S” your memory must be really bad because we discussed just the other day the cause of your memory problems and they’re far from unexplained. 😉 Do I need to send you an email with the details. 🙂

  5. Hey! I don’t know what you’re talking about! And if you bring it up, I’ll deny it! 🙂

  6. Of course you will -S but I think we all know there’s a reason for the memory “issues”! 😉

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