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Probably not my most interesting post ever but some may wonder why I dedicated an entire blog to my experience with Multiple Sclerosis. It’s would be difficult to say there was a primary reason since there were quite a few reasons that led me to do this. For the record two reasons that didn’t have an impact are I have no desire to have a public catharsis (as evidenced by I very rarely make any posts about an emotional impact – unless it is anger 😉 and the other being I have no interest in being the center of attention and don’t get any real thrill talking about myself. So here are my reasons:

  • Keep the friends and family informed. That way they only have to get more specific details and they usually get those from my wife because I am frequently less than cooperative. So really this just took some of the load off of her.

  • Give back to the Internet community. For years many have made so much information available to me for free this is about the only thing I can give back. I would prefer to license the blog under the GFDL but I just wasn’t comfortable with that with the current state of insurance and the legal system. Maybe if things change I will relicense.

  • Give back to the Multiple Sclerosis community at least my story and experiences (and a little commentary! 😉 As a subset of the Internet community many have provided much information freely and I would like to try and give back some of that. To go along with that when I started there weren’t any blogs that I could find dedicated to the experience of Multiple Sclerosis – certainly many that incorporated their experience but not to the level I was looking for so I got in on a niche area. 😉 Though I am now starting to see others doing the same thing such as Becca – certainly the more the merrier.
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  1. Keep up the good work, both of ya.

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