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So I’m looking for “walking coma” as one of the diagnosis with MS fatigue on the NMMS site and don’t see it listed. Funny because that so aptly describes me after about 5:00 pm – I’m barely worth killing. Bizarrely I slept horribly last night with tons of tossing and turning but woke up unusually refreshed – I hope this continues on through the rest of the day. On a side note while on the NMMS site one of their recommendations to help combat fatigue is exercise. That sounds like a great plan but how the heck am I supposed to exercise when I’m in my walking coma – in the very least it is very difficult to muster the motivation to exercise. Storms are in route this evening so no going for a walk tonight no matter how good I’m feeling.

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  1. My neuro tries to convince me on the exercise thing. I’m not buying it. I’m lucky if I’ve got 9 hours of good fatigue-less time in my day. Sometimes I’ll take a walk in the city at lunch, but that’s it. I wonder how I’ll be able to work if the fatigue gets alot worse.

  2. Try chopping wood. It works great as long as you dont mind lopping off a foot every so often. Wait … it does get below freezing in Texas, doesn’t it?

  3. This is the first time i’ve been to your blog.

    I can relate to the fatigue, though mine begins when i wake up. Instead of waking up refreshed i feel like i’ve been run over by a truck!

    Can also relate to the exercise problems (walking coma!). I consider my ‘exercise’ just getting up. My doctor feels that exercise will help, but getting going is very hard.

    I’m glad someone has finally mentioned this problem.

    I’m not on any of the meds. I read about them, but I am frightened to take them due to their side effects.

    The heavy duty meds seem to have frightening warnings regarding how they effect the immune system, etc. Got any opinion on that?

  4. While I don’t think anyone likes the side effects they do abate with time and I rarely have any now.

    As for the “Hard Hitting” I assume you mean something like Novantrone (or Camptah 1-H which is still in testing). Most doctors would not consider me a candidate for those treatments at this time. Regardless I do feel it is too dangerour to shut down the immune system with something like Campath and thus would never consider that drug. Novantrone for the same reason though it isn’t as bad. The steroids (Methylprednisolone)I have taken and it hasn’t been that bad other than my attitude.

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