Oct 212004

I forgot to call Walgreens yesterday – darn MS memory – but when I remembered last night I left myself a voicemail at work as a reminder. So I give the specialty pharmacy a call and the lady isn’t very pleasant and acts like I’m the idiot and bothering her. She had trouble finding my order – so I thought great they didn’t put it through again – but after a little arguing that I hadn’t moved and I had given her the correct address she finally found the order. So barring some other stupidity – like her accidentally canceling the order I should have my Rebif refill tomorrow. Maybe they are doing this intentionally because they’ve figured out I am stockpiling the medication – but most likely it is just incompetence and/or bad system design.

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  1. Standard top-notch customer service from the the pharmacy, eh? That shit drives me nuts … the mega-chains have ruined the chronic illness experience!

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