Oct 252004

Well I got for first email pimping a cure (or at least something to help MS) from a Mr. Steve Brown. Apparently he is pimpin’ his warez of Ambrotose by Mannatech. Per Scott “I’ve been working with glyconutrients and MS sufferers for the last two years with real success.” It is unclear what he means by success with MS sufferers but I’m guessing that is has something to do with lining his pocketbook. I guess he must be doing OK if he is running the latest and greatest version of Outlook and Office – but maybe that came pre-loaded on his Dell while he’s using the ever cool Earthlink or AOL browser. I went to one of his sites to see and the design just smacks of garbage product. Well no money from me and I’ll consider this fair warning to people pimping their garbage that in the future I will be posting identifying information about solicitors who send me this garbage (or maybe I’ll just break out the 1337 BOFH skillz and make them pay!). On the other hand I still welcome feedback from the MS community on what they’ve found that works well for them – just don’t be irritated if I have no interest in it and blog about the suggestion.

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  1. Erik,
    My niece was recently diagnosed with MS so I am researching on the web. I am convinced that she needs to try glyconutrients and was looking for the right information to give her which is how I came across your blog. She has a background in biology so I know that she will understand the science behind the research.
    I read your post about Mr. Brown and his efforts to educate you about glyconutrients. I was saddened that you believe that Mr. Brown is motivated only by his bank account because it means that you have probably not researched glyconutrient supplements and science and research behind it.
    Please at least do more research on it before you completely disregard the idea that supplemention will help. I’ve read the research, understand about the cellular communication and auto-immune diseases, met with a naturopathic physician who uses them in her practice and have personally met three women who have improved greatly – (no more wheel chair)since they began supplementing with the products.
    I have learned that since 1996 students who are in medical school are learning about the eight essential saccharides from Harper’s Biochemistry, a leading text book used in some medical schools. They will know about glyconutrients and hopefully use them in their practice but it will be several years before they enter the workforce as practicing physicians. I hope you will at least give Mr. Brown a chance to provide you with more information about glyconutrients. Your body has the ability to heal if it is given the right nutrients. Our soils are stripped, our foods are overprocessed and our bodies are suffering because of it.
    I tried to pass up your website without posting this for fear that you would ignore it. But I had viewed the photos of your beautiful family and I felt that I had a responsibility to go back to share this. Your family needs a healthy husband and father who can participate in their lives to the fullest.
    I’ve done my research and I am convinced that it would be worth it for my niece to at least try these products for several months. I know that I have a challenge ahead of me because many people have been dupped by the supplement industry and have the same attitude that you have.
    I hope you still have Mr. Brown’s contact info. Just because he is in the health business doesn’t mean that he is not a sincere, caring person who wants to help others. Your doctor makes a living from your visits and so do the drug companies. (They are the ones that I don’t trust.)
    If you don’t know how to contact Mr. Brown, contact Mannatech and they will connect you with someone who can help you. If you go to http://www.mannatech.com you can find out if there are educational seminars in your area. I would advise attending one before discounting glyconutrients as a supplement that can help your condition.

  2. Sounds to me like “Christine” is a shill for this company as well. Feh.

    File this one into the round file. If her niece really has MS I feel sympathy for her, she’s apperently going to receive some bad advice.

  3. I responded to Christine here I will try to make another follow up post tonight.

  4. From Mannatech’s FAQ:

    What do I take for a particular illness?
    Our products are nutritional supplements–not drugs. They are not represented as a treatment for any disease. They are designed to help promote good health. If you are sick, consult your physician about the use of these products.

    I guess Steve the Pimp and Christine the Shill didn’t get the memo…

  5. Hi there, I’ve stumbled accross your site when looking for something via Google and I felt I had to post.

    My mum was diagnosed with MS about 19 years ago…..when I was 8. I’ve grown up ‘with’ the MS and I know it is a an absolute pig of a disease. My mum has the type of MS which has seen her in a gradual decline and she in now confined to a wheelchair – she’s now 66.

    Anyway, the reason I am posting is that I was searching for info on glyconutrients and MS as my mum has been taking these sugar powders for the last couple of weeks. I live about 300 miles from her and worry about her a lot and I wanted to learn more about what she is taking – and to make sure she’s not being ripped off!!

    I speak to her on the phone for a couple of hours each week. Recently she has been very ill – with an inner ear infection, a skin cancer patch on her leg and also something called ‘Pemphigoid’ which is a skin rash caused by a severely compromised auto-immune system. All this on top of the MS and just recovering from a bout of shingles.

    Someone told her about the Ambrotose (sp?) sugars and she’s been taking them and can’t belive the difference. Her ear infection has gone, her Pemphigoid has gone and her skin cancer patch is dissappearing – without using any ‘conventional’ medicines.

    She is still very weak but the change has been remarkable, and she puts it all down to ‘the sugars’. She even phoned me the other day to say that her left hand is now as strong as her right hand……her left sie is her worst side and in the past she has struggled to even hold a fork in her left hand. Furthermore, she has bad arthritis in her spine and knees and says that the pain of the arthritis is also easing.

    My mum was a nurse before the MS ‘got her’ so she is not easily taken in by ‘pimps’ as you call them! (And she’s had her fair share) She has also tried so many different products which all claim to work but none seem to….but this one really does seem to be different.

    I am still researching the product for now as I am interested in what it is that is making such a difference to my mum, and I’m also concerned she is being ripped off. I guess I am still reserving judgement, but what I do know is that the difference in her is incredible.

    One of my friends dared to suggest the other day that it was psychological and that she ‘thinks’ she’s feeling better. This is so insulting, anyone with any knowledge of MS knows how insulting it is. My mum hasn’t just ‘imagined’ the pain has gone, or the blistering rash has gone…nor has she woken up with a positive mental attitude and decided to use her left hand today! The only thing that has changed is the introduction of this sugar powder stuff.

    I don’t claim to know much about these sugars, I’m still learning myself and there is very little info in the UK about them. I’m only posting to say, not to dismiss them straight away……it may not be rubbish, it just may actually help.

    I’m happy to post again in a month or so to let you know how she’s getting on and if they really are a ‘miracle cure’ (I’m still a bit cynical right now). Let me know if you want me to.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting, just wanted to share my (limited) experience on this topic.

    With warmest regards and congrats on a fabulous site…..a lot of it rings true with me.

  6. Hi all,

    I want to pass on some info on MS that I came across. There is a lot of controversy with regard to amalgam teeth filling that may or may not be the cause of MS, Parkinson’s and other ailments. Amalgam is a mixture of mostly mercury (50%) and silver with some other metals. People should try to recall whether they came down with MS symptoms after a lot of dental work. Another source of mercury, and this was quite surprising to me, are vaccines! Thimerosal is a preservative added to vaccines that contains mercury. For more info go to


    Then Dr. Hulda Clark found that a lot of ailments are related to parasites that may set foot due to a compromised immune system, such as due to mercury poisoning. These critters may live in your spinal fluid! You find info on the web in this regard. I came across the following web site of a man that cured his MS by removing his dental amalgam fillings, followed by chealation therapy and finally ‘zapping’ the parasites with an electronic device out of his body and have been able to recover from most of the MS symptoms.


    Please note that I am not associated with him, since he also sells his own version of zapper, which you can build by yourself probably for around $20 if you know enough about electronics. But read his story, maybe it will relate to you.

    I am also aware of the Mannatech products, they are extremely expensive! A friend of mine is using it for Parkinson’s (~75 years old) and he has to take several TABLESPOONS of it every day with other supplements. This can make you bankrupt! Low, so-called maintenance dosages might not show any effect at all. My brother tried Ambrotose AO for 3 months with 2-4 times the recommended dosage with no effect on his health. He has high blood pressure and elevated tryglycerines. He stopped using it. Maybe he needed to take it longer or larger dosage? He didn’t want to spend that much money.

    If mercury poisoning is indeed the root cause, then nutrition may not help you, or very little. To find out whether mercury or other heavy metals are affecting your health you need to consult a health practitioner familiar with hair analysis. And the mercury might not even show up in the hair, blood or urine, since it is stuck in the tissue. It needs to be mobilized by chealation agents, some of them contain sulfur, which binds to mercury and makes it mobile so the body can excrete it. However, if there are other metals, e.g. copper, then those come out first! Chealation therapy also deprives the body of necessary electrolytes like magnesium and calcium so you need to use supplements to replenish your body. There is a lot to it than I even know, so please research this for yourself. The zapper link above has more info on that, too. Supposedly infrared saunas were reported to help with mercury but I don’t know enough about that either. I think that nutrients may work much better AFTER the body has been cleaned out from these toxins. Some nutrients may also help to remove toxins, who knows.

    I remember during my studies for my Master’s in physics in Aachen, Germany I read a newspaper article where they discovered that the lead miners around Aachen didn’t get sick of lead poisoning because they drank the sulfur containing water that Aachen’s hot springs produce (foul smelling). That rang a bell!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. To the comment of mannatech products are too expensive.., are prescriptions to parkinsons or M.S. hospital bills not being able to work because of the deabilitating disease, and just living with that disease isn’t that expensive. I would try the mannatech products once again as they work different for everyone and results happen at different stages for everyone. Who knows what is wrong with your body when you have these diseases. The food supplements (mannatech) are the only nutrients that I know of that actually penetrate the brain barrier. Don’t give up I have been using them and although it’s taking longer than I thought I’m seeing results. I have been on these mannatech products for 4 mths. Who knows by me taking these nutrients what has to be restored in my body. There might have been symptoms that hadn’t festered yet. Anyways here’s a message to the other negative commenters try something before you shun the idea. Sue

  8. Poor you for beating up on Mr. Steve Brown for ‘pimpin his warez’ as you call it. What makes you such an expert that you can dismiss so lightly the experiences of others. I’ve been taking Ambrotose since sept 04 and it has changed my life drastically. I was diagnosed with MS in Jan 04 and for the next 8 months was staggering around wall walking and suffering from terrible pins and needles and numbness. Within ONE WEEK of taking the ambrotose I knew things were changing, and for me personally they’ve kept on getting better and better. Now I can walk normally and all of my symptoms have gone or are much reduced. I don’t personally care whether you take it or not, it makes no difference to me and since you’re no doubt wondering NO I don’t distribute it either. I’m grateful that some people do though, I would never have discovered it otherwise. It’s a shame they have to put up with a*seholes like you when they’re only trying to educate you though!

  9. I’ve replied with a new post here.

  10. One more thing. If he can’t even spell ***holes correctly than that certainly isn’t a good sign on Ambrotose helping cognitive defects. I think most 4th graders can spell that. 😉

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