Oct 252004

I was on Feedster the other day (maybe I spend too much time there 😉 and saw a paid advertisement to “Stem Cell Therapy.” I’m certainly not even certain that this is a legitimate business – as Steve below with the miracle cure 419 scam. I guess if you were desperate it is worth a shot but I’m not sure how effective putting the stem cells in intra-venously would be. I think most of the research is leaning towards them being put directly into the central nervous system (CNS). I think we’ve got a long ways to go before a cure is found – heck we need to find a cause first to know what to cure – but I think a good stopgap measure will be re-myelination efforts once you hit a certain level of disability. If/when we have our third child maybe I should sell the cord blood – I wonder how much Biomark is paying maybe help cover the cost of my medications so that I won’t need some re-myelination treatment! 😉

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  1. There’s no possible way to spend too much time on Feedster. 😉

    And as a special incentive, we made you Feed of the Day today. http://feedster.com/fotd.php

  2. Now I’m definitely regretting not putting up the Google Ad-Block. 🙁 You guys are definitely beating the life out of Blogdigger on Multiple Sclerosis searches so keep up the good work!

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