Oct 202004

The Spoons Theory is something Christine of ButYouDontLookSick.com came up with to explain what it is like to have Lupus to a friend. I don’t have Lupus so I certainly can’t speak for how well it describes that disease but my guess is that much like Multiple Sclerosis it in an overly simplistic view of a complicated disease and quite frankly breaks down on a number of levels. So I guess the bottom line is I would never use this theory to describe Multiple Sclerosis but I think it is an excellent analogy for MS Fatigue (the first time I read about this theory was before I had the fatigue and thought it would never apply to anything with MS but I guess I was wrong 😉 Today I certainly woke up with fewer spoons than normal and being in a house that has run out of caffeinated beverages sucked up quite a few of my spoons until I could hobble to work and pilfer their supply. Even with fatigue her spoon theory broke down because I got some spoons back after I had a couple 100mg of caffeine in the system! 😉

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  1. Eric,

    I’ve been dealing with fatigue as my major symptom for 8 years now. This is the first time I’ve seen the ‘Spoons Theory’ and I think it sums it up perfectly. It may be simplistic, but that’s why it works so perfectly in describing what it is like to those who don’t know what you are going through.

  2. I like the guy on MultipleSclerosisSucks.com who changed the spoons to a 12-pack of beer when explaining it to a drunken friend. 🙂

  3. Becca beat me to it … the link is http://multiplesclerosissucks.com/beer.html and it is a total hoot! Of course, I too use the Coffee Theory where I get to do 1 extra thing for every cup of coffee, but have to start using the bathroom every 10 minutes after the first pot (Law of decreasing returns?).

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