Oct 052004

On a positive note I’m really not dreading the injection that I’ll be getting in about 10 min even though I’ve been on the painful cycle. Of course that is probably because my thoughts are fully occupied with how I’ll once again be hugging the porcelain throne first thing in the morning. On the other hand based on my nausea levels I’ll be lucky to make it that long. 🙁

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  One Response to “Something Worse Than the Injections on My Horizon?”

  1. Yikes … you know, if you are going to feel like crap, you might as well get something back in return. Get good and loaded so that you can heave-ho and kill 2 birds with one stone. You might sleep better too? Naw, just too awful to try on a week-day. Better to hold it in till you get to work and hurl at the first EBKaC-101 (Error Between Keyboard and Chair) Help-Desk call you get.

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