Oct 262004

After the anonymous post¬†about fear of side effects I decided to go into a little more detail. I wish I had more details on the specific fear so I can better address that from my experience. I am surprised a doctor would continue to see someone who would not take treatment (as opposed to not being able to take anything which is a different story as some here know all too well) because I know my neuro would discharge someone for that because there is nothing he can really do for you. The side effects for me only lasted a couple of months (where they happened after every injection) and while they did resurface a couple of time Serano thinks that is an allergic reaction. Serano even cited the example of a nurse there who couldn’t have alcohol on injection night – though that certainly wasn’t my interaction issue. When I did have the side effects they were the chills for about 30-60 minutes about two hours after the injection and was warm in the morning for about 30-60 minutes.

Per the post I assume that “Hard Hitting” means the immuno-suppressing (rather than Disease-modifying like Rebif or Copaxone) and thus is referring to Novantrone or Campath-1H. I would be surprised if that was something a neuro was considering immediately with Relapsing-Remitting before trying one of the ABCR drugs first. As far as Campath I would never take that since that opens the body up to life threatening disease – I don’t want my treatment to kill me. While there is less of a risk of that from Novantrone it is still a possibility and so I would probably not take that unless I got really desperate.

Hopefully Anonymous Poster will either comment here or drop me an email so I can better address their concerns.

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  1. IMHO, the “side effects” of MS are potentially much worse than the side effects of MS meds. Made the decision to start treatment very easy for me.

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