Oct 222004

Joanne from MSLifelines called earlier in the week and I finally got around to calling back today and ended up talking to a Julie. On a side note Julie had an extremely sweet voice and way of speaking that was extremely similar to a friend (Beth) that we have. I let them know that I had a decreased lesion load since the last time I spoke to them which they were happy to hear about. She asked how I was doing and said OK but not great but added does anyone do great. She responded that there are some who work there who are doing great – which I would guess means that the disease is in remission with the medication. That certainly is not my experience. To add insult to injury the lady mentions that people have had good luck using a warm compress (or a warm shower) on the injection site instead of the ice cube and so I should give that a try. Of course I get this info 1 day before I was about to do this on my own. They need to come up with a better way of distributing this kind of information than just haphazardly on a phone call. She also mentioned that people have had good luck with massaging in Aloe Vera after the injection and helps to keep the skin and area healthy. Sounds kinda girlie but beats the heck out of massaging the area with something cold afterwards that I don’t do anyways. Next thing they’ll say is that I need to take a warm bubble bath afterwards to restore my spirits.

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  1. Well … what is it, 1 in 4 MS suffers are male? So if 3/4 prefer a massage and bubble bath, I think the statistics ring true … girly-man. Me? I get out a big frozen t-bone, slap it on the injection site and when it thaws out, I eat it. The heat from the injection site has cooked it just the way I like it. 🙂

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