Oct 072004

I’m sure the suspense is killing everyone but unlike my dire pessimist predictions of hugging the porcelain throne it did not happen and I have proceeded to get much better. I have gotten nauseated a couple more times since then but have held onto my cookies. I’ve also not been running a fever or been symptomatic in any other way. Yeah – the real question is how many people at work got infected since I am out of sick time. 🙁

Into the fire. Last evening I developed of new MS symptom shortly after getting off of work. Both feet were in throbbing pain when standing or walking and burnt when laying in bed. Then in my legs with any sudden pressure it feels like a little lightning bolt – very close to the sensation of the lumbar puncture and about the same intensity. It was better this morning – it always is better in the morning for me – but then progressed to full force by mid morning. While I have tried pain medicine individually that wasn’t making much of a dent in the pain so I tried everything all at once 1.5g Tylenol (3 total) 600mg Ibuprofen (3 total) and 440mg Aleve (2 total aka Naproxen Sodium). With everything it did take the edge off of the pain. On the other hand that was probably mostly from the Tylenol since 1.5g earlier in the day did about the same thing. I do have some leftover Neurotin so I’ll call the Neuro tomorrow before I start taking it – at this point it may be the only thing that works. If so it is refill time.

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  1. Jeebus Erik … you take more pain pills than I do! Be careful of Aleve, it causes some short term memory issues. Did all these new symptoms start hitting you after you started your treatments? If this is causing you problems, you may want to switch to a different ABCR drug.

  2. Oh dear Erik. Hopefully by now you have spoken to your neurologist (or should I say his somewhat incompetent staff? 🙂 and he is helping you out. What an awful week! At least the weekend is in sight, maybe you can rest up.

  3. I’ve never taken that many pain pills before and hopefully never will again. 🙁 I don’t see myself getting hooked on the Aleve since I don’t like it much at all – lets hope I can remember that! 😉

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