Oct 252004

I have decided to rebrand the “Beer Gut” to properly reflect its new found purpose of housing stem cells. Besides “Beer Gut” ain’t sexy and I don’t need the deck stacked against me any more than necessary. I have been tossing around a number of alternatives such a “Stem Cell Gut”, “Stem Cell Handles”, “Stem Cell House” (well maybe not that big so maybe apartment ;-), “Stem Cell Store”, and Stem Cell Pouch. While still in beta (pending something better) I’ll go with “Stem Cell Bank” for now. Since this is part of my future re-myelination it is critical that I maintain a pristine “Stem Cell Bank” so vigorous exercise is out of the question. Unlike MDMHVONPA’s suggestion of chopping wood I’ll be passing on that in the interest of my nerves (and my feet and head) – and yes it does get below freezing in Dallas for about 2-3 days out of the year. And while we do wear sweaters when it is 60º degrees that doesn’t make us sissies – as proof we aren’t dropping like flies when the temp is over 100º (15.6º and 37.8º respectively for you metric people who aren’t willing to convert) 😉

  3 Responses to “Organ Formally Known as the "Beer Gut"”

  1. Sweaters at 60!? When it gets that hot, I start to sweat! My ice-water Minnesota blood can’t tolerate much more than 80. Of course, I did live in Utah for 4 years … but it was a DRY heat. I’ll have to try to sell the Wife on the ‘Stem Cell Bank’ … it will be a hard sell though.

  2. “Dry heat” is a myth! Anything over 100 degress is just wickedly hot. When I was young the vinyl seats would melt my skin and the metal seat belt latches would brand the leg – very nice that they are plastic now. I still have problems with the steering wheel being so hot to comfortably handle because the interior of the car got up to 140+!

  3. Having lived in Texas most of my life and in NJ for the last 5 years, I can testify that “dry heat” does exist! I much preferred 100 degrees in Dallas to 85 degrees with obscene humidity in NJ. The humidity is crazy. 🙂

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