Oct 192004

Maybe you’ve been wondering what is the routine I go through when I get my injection – or maybe not – but regardless here it is:

  1. More than likely laying in bed and my wife reminds me it is injection night.

  2. Curse

  3. Go and get supplies

  4. Warm the injection up in my hands because I never remember to take it out early and it is better if it doesn’t go in cold. Try to resist the urge to put the injection in the microwave for a couple of minutes because my hands never get the injection warm enough.

  5. Put ice pack on leg to chill the site Think to myself “Freeze the leg and warm the injection – great who came up with that great idea! Why can’t it be the other way around? Maybe I will try it the other way around next time!”

  6. Curse

  7. My wife gives me the injection while I hold very still and try very hard not to offer commentary on technique – at least until she is done. 😉

  8. Communal Curse – me from the pain and my wife from commenting on her injection technique

  9. Realize there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell I’m going to put that freezer pack back on my body for after injection whatever. Whoever came up with that instruction is one sadistic freak. Sorry but no adding insult to injury!

  10. If the injection went really badly (don’t they all 😉 quickly hop out of bed and kick the dog. -sometimes twice 😉 (I’m more of a cat person but there’s never a cat around when you need something to kick and even if they were around they are much to quick for me to actually get one of them 😉

  11. Put the ice pack on my stubbed toe from kicking the dog as I swallow a couple of Advils. (Wish I’d kicked one of the cats instead since that wouldn’t have hurt.)

  12. Spend a few minutes trying to think of how to make the injection go better next time – nothing ever comes to mind because this probably is as good as it’s going to be. 😉
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  1. Ummm, you forgot step 13 … curse again.

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