Oct 202004

Every day a coworker walks past my desk/cube and in the most pitiful voice asks “How are you doing?” The tone just reeks of how do you even manage to get out of bed in the morning. Well as far as this morning even I don’t know how I managed it but that is a separate issue. Every day I answer OK or Fine and that seems to be good enough but today she replied back “Are you sure?” After a mental “What the hell!” I replied back that I was sure – as if I wouldn’t be sure! A number of things about this daily ritual irritate me:

  • Why because you suddenly know that I have a chronic illness suddenly make you think that you are entitled to daily updates about how I am feeling and or doing. Especially considering we NEVER talk except when your computer is broken or you’re having computer problems!
  • You are not doing me a favor by asking how I am doing. There are very few people I will verbally discuss my Multiple Sclerosis with – in fact most of the time that is only my wife. Even extended family will tend to get an OK.
  • It is condescending that I am somehow broken or fragile.

Since I am proceeding to get more irritated – maybe more so today since I am a little more tired than usual – I’ve decided that the OK/Fine isn’t working I need to go with something else. A couple of possibilities:

  • Ask what exactly she wants to know when she asks that question and go from there.
  • Come up with an uncomfortable symptom to discuss – like irritable bowel – and discuss it at length. Stay out of my way when I’m running to the restroom! 😉
  • Give a radically off-topic answer every time which would probably be information about the network/systems at work and how they are performing. (or even better maybe say I’m not doing so well because I left my lunch at home – but that could end up burning me in the end!)
  • Maybe this is a job for the BOFH! 😉

Thought for the day. My Multiple Sclerosis won’t kill me but my bad attitude may kill you. 😉

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  3 Responses to “I’m Not Fragile!”

  1. I’ve got this terrible rash near my groin… Let me tell you about it… 😉

  2. K … NICE! I joke about that with the president of my company all the time. Once in a while we will bump into eachother and he will ask how I am doing. I’ll tell him about my most recent bowel movement and he cracks up. Then we go out for beers. Being a pretty big guy (Im bragging), he knows that even on my worst days, I could still work circles around most of my co-workers.

  3. How about “I’m pissed about the high cost of depends-are sanitary napkins this expensive?”

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