Oct 192004

I’m back but nothing too exciting to report. My exacerbation with my feet continues to linger with burning in my feet. You’d think the burning would put a little pep in my step but that has been anything but the case. The burning has actually been worse today but my theory is the stress from dealing with hardware problems from last night:

I spent the better part of last night trying to get a Dell Optiplex computer to work so I could load Solaris 10 Early Release at home. It became very clear that it was a hardware problem – and I hate hardware problems – with a failed IDE controller. After spending hours working through all those steps then I get to repeat them today with the Dell dude. He was surprisingly competent and spoke English. After about 45 min he came to the same conclusion and will be sending a replacement motherboard. Ugh. I guess once I get the hardware in I’ll see if I can get this OS to run on this hardware – but that will be fun!

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