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I have subscribed to two feeds off of Feedster for a while searching for posts on “Multiple Sclerosis” and another one on “Antegren.” I run the Antegren one so I can get the latest news on how this is coming since I anticipate it will be my future combination therapy. But the Multiple Sclerosis search is my favorite and I run it daily out of Sage. What has really irritated me lately is that the results are dominated by Yoga and Pilates – two things I couldn’t care less about. After talking with Scott at Feedster he showed me the expression to exclude words so now I am running “Multiple Sclerosis not (Pilates or Yoga)” and while the results are better I occasionally dominate the results and I certainly don’t need to have my items listed. 😉 I guess my next order of business is to exclude my URL but we’ll save that for another day. My kudos to Feedster for making an excellent search engine for the blogosphere.

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  1. I’m glad we can be of service. Keep letting us know how we can do even better.

    This weekend we are making a few changes that should decrease the number of your own entries that we display in your searches. After the changes have had a week or 10 days to promulgate through the system, please let us know if you see the difference that we hope.


  2. I do not understand why you are against yoga and pilates. Did you have a bad experience with them?

  3. Anonymous,
    I’m not against yoga or pilates, I’m just not interested in reading about them.

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