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There was a Slashdot poll from February 2003 titled Favorite Coffee Additive and one of the comments stuck with me and now has become all to relevant. I could definitely use some Re-caf or Methspresso in the evenings to get me out of my walking coma. 🙁 Here is the comment:

####, we used to throw a couple of No-Doze into our beans before grinding ’em back in college. We called it “Re-caf.”

Great stuff. Until you realized that you needed to blink, and couldn’t.

Sometimes, it took both my room-mate and his girlfriend to pull down my eyelids, using a hydraulic jack from her VW Bus.

We’d also play the finals-week game of “max out the CPU” where CPU is Cardio-Pulse Unit, eg, your heart. I never got much above 4.16 Hz (~250 beats/min). But then I didn’t play in the leagues where the guys made Speed Coffee a.k.a. Methspresso. I thought the meth smelled too nasty. I mean, caffeine is bitter, but meth just smelled foul.

Wheeeew-eeee were those the days…

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  1. Bad, bad, bad… In college No-Doz + coffee = wide-eyed paranoia. I vowed never again no matter how bad I needed to study.

    Meth can not be good, unless you are looking to spend time in the federal pound-you-in-the-a$$ prison system.


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