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So we hadn’t heard back in over 6 weeks from them so my wife gave them a call. They replied that they haven’t even looked at them because there aren’t any MRI films. They also said it would probably take more than six weeks to get them looked at once they get the films because they only have one doctor looking at them. Well I am really irritated with them now. My wife asked why didn’t they send us a note telling us they were lacking them – and pretty unapologetically the person said that it was on one of the forms and is thus our responsibility. They are really irritating me and are living up to what my neuro said and that is they will do everything they can to discourage new people from getting through. I’m so glad that they have the communities best interests in mind. While they are really irritating me I really don’t know what they could possibly offer. There are no open studies – not that I am the study type – and I’m already on a drug so what could they possibly suggest? They are really leaving me with the impression that all they care about is getting people in who can provide them with data for their studies and/or participate in their studies and not caring for the people with MS. I guess I can try and get another copy of my MS films and see if that will get things moving since I am very much unwilling to part with the originals that I have in my possession.

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  1. Hmmm, reminds me of that old commercial from the 80’s where there was a Soviet Russia Fashion Show … Big Manly lady yelling out: “Is Nice … NEXT!!” Remember, you are a guinne pig with a number.

  2. My stepfather has a Ph.D. in psychology and is a professor who teaches research methods & statistics to the latest crop of ignorant undergrads…as he told me from personal experience, I can expect to be treated as a “data point” (his words) when I go to see the MS specialist in January. I prefer to think of myself as more like a cluster. 🙂

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